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Since 1980 Mr. Russell has provided forensic audio analysis,

courtroom testimony, on-site recording and data collection to

legal and law enforcement professionals throughout the U.S.

We work with clients either directly or by phone, email

and shipment of materials to our Weston, Ct. lab and studios.

For more information please contact us at 203-221-8061 or email to:


Services available include:





Consultation with clients as to process options and feasibility


• On-location recording and data gathering including acoustic

 analysis of location and source of audio


• Deposition Audio - Video Recording, Editing & Duplication


• Sound analysis and background noise removal


• Critique and scientific rebuttal to opposing counsel expert reports


• Assistance in obtaining court permission for advanced forensic analysis


• Removal, enhancement and & replacement of audio from video source


• Transfer of audio to and from traditional CD, DVD and tape to current  

 digital file formats including MP3, .Aiff, .WAV as well as non-traditional  computer media file formats


• Certified duplication of all audio formats with or without  enhancement


• Written certification of processes and findings


• Oral testimony as to processes and findings



Lab & Studio located at  80 Wells Hill Road - Suite 100 - Weston, Connecticut 06883  203- 221- 8061


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