• Audio Engineer
• Audio Consultant
• Presence Studios - world class recording facility owner
• Managing Director - SafeStart Systems LLC.

• Recording Institute of America (RIA) course graduate 1978
• Institute of Audio Research, NY. NY 1979 -1981

• Elyiahu M. Goldratt Institute 1989

Career Timeline:   
1980 - Present - Owner / Chief Engineer Presence Studios
World Class audio recording studios certified in 1995 as one of top 30 facilities worldwide by World Studio Group.
1982 - Present - Forensic Audio Analysis / Expert Witness
Consultation, analysis and final result presentation of data to Law Enforcement and regional Legal community

1993 - Present – Acoustic design consultant and contractor
Design and construct recording studios, corporate conference rooms and related structures in cooperation with client architectural firm to achieve maximum sound and or reflection reduction in sound critical environments.

1997 - Present - Audio Consultant / Production Engineer WWE Titan Television  
Services provided include satellite feed support, acoustic analysis, mixing and production of elements for live broadcast.

2003 - Present - Managing Director- SafeStart Systems LLC Research &
Development   Company which develops and markets patented SafetyGate electrical safety products to Aerospace, Government and Consumer product manufacturers.


Notable Awards:  
• 1991 Grammy Award
             • World Studio Group top 30 facility award 1995                                               
             • 2001 IMAX Large Format Film of the Year
             • 2002 DTS certification of Presence Studios
             • (2) US patents (2003& 2008) for SafetyGate Circuitry

Specialized Skills (Legal)
•Provide evaluation, analysis and duplicate Provide audio analysis for Federal, Regional and Local law enforcement since 1982. Most notable cases include 911 call analysis to establish weapon discharge by victim previously believed
to be unarmed resulting in murder charge being reduced to manslaughter.


•Record and/ or provide Forensic Analysis of audio material in domestic, corporate and criminal proceedings for the  areas most prestigious law firms


• Provide expert testimony and proximity playback reconstruction when required. Projects range from local noise ordinance creation and enforcement to corporate espionage and SEC violations.

•Provide on-site acoustical analysis of environment to establish its effect on audio evidence and establish benchmark for noise ordinance standards. Process also used in re-creating events to verify authenticity of recorded material and how surroundings affect the perception of the listener and their ability to identify proximity, intensity and location of sound source.

•Use of extensive knowledge in electrical and acoustic product design and development to identify subjective characteristics of audio recording, measurement and playback systems in order to verify accuracy in any courtroom presentation or demonstration.

Professional Affiliations:
 • Audio Engineering Society
                              • RIAA         
                              • Underwriters Laboratories UL University
                              • NASD
                              • Various manufacturer user & beta test groups

Abstracts & Publications:   
• Contributor to Mix  Magazine 1982- Present
                               • Contributor to Pro Sound News 1999- 2003
                               • National Trial Lawyer: Product Liability 2010
                               • NHIS Grant Application for NIOSH mandated Electronic                                      Restart Protection research  2004- 2008

                              • Various industry trade publication and media  Interviews  

                                 1980 – Present



80 Wells Hill Road - Suite 100 - Weston, Connecticut - 203-221-8061


Curriculum Vitae

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