Initial Consultation

During initial consultation we evaluate your need and establish what our services can provide in the development of your case. Often times a firm or client's lack of specific knowledge in the science of audio leads to generalized conclusions as to the options available. By meeting, discussing and evaluating the fine details of the case with lead counsel, we can often provide a more efficient and feasible plan as to how to achieve your goal, saving both the firm and client valuable time and financial resources.


Advanced Consultation & Strategy Execution

Experienced professionals know that each goal needs a strategy to achieve it. In this service we plan out the most efficient and compelling way to present your data. In the case of a recording which has already taken place, we provide you with multiple options with regard to presentation materials. These might include Audio CD's or Data files which have the specific incriminating material distinctly separated for multiple repetition, along with the full version of the recording to show context. In the case of enhancement we provide the original recording along with enhanced version so as to mitigate any potential challenge of the end result's authenticity. When a case is in initial development and the client is in the evidence gathering stage, we provide the  necessary technical assistance needed to obtain a clearly defined result. As part of that process we provide a valuable questionnaire to the technician or individual gathering the data so as to avoid any questions of context that may arise at trial.


Analysis of Audio and / or Video Evidence

In this day and age of digital audio and video there is no limit to the amount of inaccuracies with regard to noise level readings, out of context speech and in many cases, fraudulent editing of material to create the “illusion” of an incident which may or may not have taken place in the way it is claimed. Alternatively, a well constructed presentation of properly assembled data gathering can provide a firm or client with a compelling perspective which is difficult to dispute. Audio is a science with many variables and nuances. By proper and clear explanation in lay men terms, even the most complex facts can be communicated and understood by today’s Judges, Jurors, Magistrates and Mediators.


Audio Enhancement

The real world of law enforcement demands that most recordings be done without the knowledge of the person who's voice it is they are capturing. Consequently with the exception of scheduled depositions, the cooperation is minimal at best. The same goes for unwanted noises in Civil suits. More times than not a recoding may contain valuable information, but as a result of poor microphone placement the information needed is covered or “overshadowed” by noise in the room where the recording is taken place. Admittedly there are many times when this cannot be corrected. We often use the metaphor of trying to remove the color pink from a can of red paint; the red being the background noise. Because the characteristics of red are found in pink, removing the red often removes the color or valuable material found in the pink. In many case however, we can isolate a particular offending noise and successfully remove it, leaving behind a relatively clear recording of the focused sound. This has helped a number of our clients especially in cases involving wired surveillance, on-site interviews and child custody / domestic separations where background noise is often unavoidable.


Acoustic Analysis of Environment Where Source Material is Obtained

The place, time of day, weather and acoustical makeup of where audio is created and recorded has a notable impact on human perception. Depending on the combination and ratio of these and other components, what is one person’s offensive threshold may be another's baseline for comfort. Establishing parameters for where and when a sound is created is critical to presenting that perspective to individuals deciding its merit. In the cases of noise pollution, Civil suits arising out of unanticipated activity from a neighbor or business or any other issue in which one parties’ normal is another parties’ annoyance; are in many ways similar to the real estate market where values are directly dependent on location and comparable sales.Our goal is to provide you with proper context of data.


Critique and Scientific Rebuttal to Opposing Counsel Expert Reports

Occasionally “experts” come to trial with a presentation perspective that differs from reality. Throughout the 30+ years we have provided expert audio services, we have had the unfortunate opportunity to review reports which were not only factually inaccurate, but in some cases bordering on fraudulent. This is meant in no way to discredit the many qualified individuals in this field who we may simply disagree with, but is rather meant to illuminate the need for an expert to be truly objective as to the technical merits of the information they provide. We have found that given irrefutable data, most parties will come to a conclusion that resolution of the matter in some amicable way will be far more productive than continued litigation. In order to provide that opportunity, an expert has to have the humility to strive for the truth in the case, and not to use the case as a means to validate their credentials among the participants. In the unfortunate instance where a client or firm is dealing with an individual on the opposing party who looks at this differently, we provide factual analysis of their data, their procedures in gathering it, assumptions and presentation methods in a way that not only exposes the inaccurate information, but also concurs on those facts and assumptions which may possess merit; allowing the firm and client to evaluate their case on the quality of data emanating from both sides.


Certified Reports and Oral Testimony

When requested, we provide written certified reports encompassing all facets of our involvement in the case. This may range from simple duplication of a clients audio or video data, to full consultation, analysis, recording, handling and output of a client's media and data. In the event oral courtroom testimony is requested, we can provide all necessary support including depositions, hearings, mediations and trials. Because we pride ourselves on the fact that we do not “testify for a living” our ratio of clients to trial testimony is extremely low; and have found this to be of value when under cross-examination by opposing counsel.



All forms of duplication are supported ranging from older traditional analog audio tapes, video tape and other media to Audio CD's, Video DVD's, WAV, .AIFF, MPEG3 data files as well as many non-standard proprietary system files. Also supported are Standard and High Definition video files and discs. Computer based files can be emailed or uploaded to our secure server for instant retrieval by clients. Our Duplication is priced fairly on a quantity of copy basis.

Available Services

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