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Bai Pollock & Coyne P.C.

Fairfield Ct. Police Dept.

Norwalk, Ct. Police Dept.

Federal Defenders Office

Gaston & Ruane P.C.

Goldblatt, Marquette & Rashba

Jacobi, Kappel & Case P.C.

Law Offices of Roy S. Ward

McGetrick & Pitterman, LLC / LLP

Zeldes, Needle & Cooper

Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker

Riscassi & Davis P.C.

Federal Bureau of Investigation

Shoonmaker, George & Colin

Law Offices of Robert Sullivan

Markle Investigations

Ryan, Ryan, Johnson, McCaghey & Deluca

Tremont & Sheldon P.C.

Law Offices of Anthony Minchella & Associates

Kaloidis Law Firm LLC.

Attorney Jim Pastore

Phillip Russell P.C.

Holland , Kaufmann & Bartels LLC

Goldstein & Peck P.C.

Levett - Rockwood LLP.

Maher & Murtha P.C.

Liljeqvist & Wargo P.C.

Ury & Moskow P.C.

80 Wells Hill Road - Suite 100 - Weston, Connecticut - 203- 221- 8061

Jon Russell is the forensic audio expert you need to tip the scale in your favor. He approaches his audio engineering with a scientific forensic methodology that will easily compliment the work of other experts on your case. On a joint case with Jon, his work product was not only admissible, but was a relied upon data source for opinion that successfully rebutted allegations of assault."

-CT Forensic Psychologist